Mustafizur Rahman

Img Growing up in Dhaka, Bangladesh the midst of three siblings, I already knew, at a very young age, that I wanted to become a famous Graphic Designer. Involved in the Design house with my other staff and eldest brother, who also worked in the graphic industry, I knew that my passion for image editing would help me to achieve my ambition.

I love to spend my free time either in the gym to keep fit, or with family and friends, to relax and enjoy their company. I have a very high-energy level and know exactly what I want in life. I'm open to any kind of new challenge in both work or private life, it is really important for me to enjoy life to the full, otherwise I cannot impart the passion into my job as a Imaging Specialist (Graphic Designer) . Constantly motivated by client's feedback, I know that I have chosen the right career.

To utilize my knowledge and ability to lead a culinary team as Senior Graphic Designer and set new trends in an international with worldwide client's & connections. My skills are best suited to the high-end hospitality business where there is a strong focus on image editing, design & new concept.

I have 10 years experience in the Adobe Photoshop industry with a very strong image editing service background like, Clipping path, image masking, image retouching, shadow & reflection creation, Banner & business identity design etc. Extensive experience in Background removal and Alpha/Layer masking and worked with knockout masking, erase masking career as well in Europe country. Highly creative and able to inspire others.

My management style is very 'hands-on' with a 'lead by example' philosophy. Experience working in both Asia and Europe, result driven and quality focused.

I am a patient trainer that emphasizes the need for product quality and high standards. My experience has taught me to adapt to new locations and challenges and I seek challenges as I believe they are the spirit of life. I am used to working in a multicultural environment and I am curious and eager to learn about new cultures.

My strength is in innovative contemporary world class design, creating new ideas, concept & design to work with a broad outlook and the ability to interact with clients.

I focus on client's wishes, quality & cost. Every time I strive for the best results in everything that I do or how I do it. I am very flexible and can handle situations under pressure. Good at organizing small or large functions. I am loyal and very honest to everybody. I have respect for my colleagues and the clients and show creativity in everything I do.

My expectation's of my staff is not to know everything, as I love to work with those who are eager and willing to learn. With the right attitude you can succeed in everything. I expect my team to produce to the standard and style I teach them and I believe in earning respect through giving respect. I would love to join a team with the right attitude to learning and respecting each other.

My professional skills are: